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Convert image to Webp Formate For Free

This is free online WebP converter from thehelpertools allows you to convert your images to the WebP format. Click "Convert file" to upload your file or provide a connection to an image. The file will be converted immediately, and you will be able to download the WebP image as soon as it is done.

Click on image to download.

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WebP is a Google-designed file format from 2010. The compression rate for images is higher when maintaining consistency. To load your website quicker, web admins and developers can create pictures with smaller file sizes.

Compared to PNG and JPEG formats, this format uses firm lossless, loss-free compression.

Lossless compression ensures after the file is unpacked that all the original data bits remain the same. The lossless WebP helps compress photos up to 26% higher than the PNG.

By contrast, the loss comparison will generally decrease the size of the file by removing any original data. The predictive code to encode a picture provides a comparable quality of loss WebP as JPEG while reducing the size of image files from 25% to 34%.


You can convert your photos to Google's WebP format through this free online Image to Webpage Converter provided by thehelpertools. Upload or connect your file to an image and click the Convert file button. You can download the WebP image after it has been converted, and the file is converted instantly.


The image to webpage converter tool by thehelpertools is rapid to use. To convert your input image in the web image format, you should follow the following steps.

  • It would be best if you used this tool first by clicking on the given URL link:Image to Webpage Converter
  • Image to Webpage Converter
  • Finally, click on the image to download the web format image.

You get more advantages using this free image to webpage converter tool by thehelpertools compared to other devices.

As we noted previously, smaller image sizes will change significantly on your website; they allow you to load the website faster.

Also, if you're running a food, journey, or photoblog, you can save more bandwidth, mainly if your website is filled with many pictures.

Let's look at a short description of JPEG and PNG formats to understand the difference better

JPEG (or JPG): this format is ideal for pictures in several colors, and still photos are the chosen alternative. But there is typically a compromise: due to compression, you can find a slight loss of image quality.

PNG: is outstanding even though it is compressed to maintain the image quality. For images with several pixels, for example, logos, high text images, and graphics, this format is suitable. But for portraits, it does not fit well.

WebP brings the best of all formats together and offers. It also maintains image quality when offering some 25-34% smaller sizes than PNG or JPEG.

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