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What is the Domain Age/Domain Age Checker?

Domain Age Checker is an online tool that helps you identify the exact age of a domain or website from the time it was registered to the time it was operational. One of the most significant factors in the ranking of websites by search engine optimization is domain age (SEO). for example, if you register your domain name in 2015, then by 2021, the domain age will be 6 years. So here in your mind, a question arises! What's the name of a domain? So, the easy and fast answer is: it's a website's URL, just like it is a website's name (https://thehelpertools.com/). That is, the address or URL from which your website can be accessed by internet users.

Domain Age checker About thehelpertools

In particular, we have created a Domain Age Verification tool to check the age of any free domain name on the Internet. Among all the other resources available on various websites, this is the most effective domain age checker tool since it is complete with important domain name checking features. The other domain age checkers usually only display the domain age in years. But if you use thehelpertoolsThis will show you when the domain name was created, the exact time, day, month, and year.

Steps to use Domain Age Checker tool?

The domain age checker for Thehelpertools is very quick to use. To verify the domain age of your website, you should follow the following steps.

  • You need to use this tool first by clicking on the given URL link: thehelpertools
  • After this, you can see a text box. Enter your website's name/URL (each name/URL per line).
  • In last step, to get the age of the websites in the below table click on the button(GET DOMAIN AGE).

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